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The look of the Audi Magazine App, in order to reflect the brand’s core values, conveys the three key principles asso- ciated with the print edition: opulent visuals, sophisticated texts and innova-tive design. However, it has been adapted for digital media. Magazine readers can quickly select individual articles from the cars, technology, sports and lifestyle sections, read them as scroll-down content and access images and other media with the touch of a finger. The app is continually updated and offers in-depth content through the eyes of the brand.

  • Client:
    AUDI AG, Ingolstadt, Germany
  • Design:
    loved gmbh, Hamburg, Germany
  • Editorial Work:
    Birte Mussmann
  • Programming:
    Boris Kern, Evelyn Kraus, Otterbach IT GmbH, Rastatt, Germany
  • Managing Director:
    Peter Matz
  • Managing Director Creation:
    Mieke Haase