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Avon Beauty Signature

Avon Beauty Signature | Red Dot Design Award

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The proliferation of content and an ever-growing number of digital touchpoints surrounding consumers required Avon to look beyond its visual identity to build consistency and boost branding across their communications platforms. Therefore, a sonic branding was commissioned to help all communications work consistently for the brand. Inspired by the brand’s heritage, a modular audio logo and an audio identity system were created to fit equally well into TV commercials, social media posts and branded events. The typical sound of a door bell is integrated, as the products are traditionally distributed at the door and by female sales consultants.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Avon Products Inc., New York, USA
  • Design:
    Deviant Ventures, New York, USA
  • Head of Advertising:
    Danielle Bibas
  • Head of Marketing:
    Fernando Acosta
  • Creative Direction:
    Umut Ozaydinli
Avon Beauty Signature | Red Dot Design Award
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