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“Ayumu” was named after a very clever chimpanzee, now residing at the Primate Research Institute of Kyoto University. “Ayumu”, the game, is a challenge for enhancing recall and reaction times. Players are presented with a set of numbers arranged at random on screen for just a few seconds. Once memorisation time is up, the numbers are concealed by dots; players must now recall their positions and tap each dot in the right order. This iPhone app is characterised by clean, flat graphics and vibrant colours matching the brand aesthetics of Apple.

  • Client:
    Ziba Munich
  • Design:
    Ziba Munich
  • Design Team:
    Oliver Lang, Eunggyu Lee
  • Creative Direction:
    Manuel Perez Prada
  • Concept:
    Manuel Perez Prada, Eunggyu Lee
  • Programming:
    Andreas Daoutis