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b – No. 4 Ballett am Rhein Magazine

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The magazine of the Ballett am Rhein portrays the company members on and behind the stage. Issue No. 4 gives a glimpse of the private life of ballet director Martin Schläfer – far away from the stage in his mountain hut in Switzerland. Another highlight is an interview with composer Adriana Hölszky, who shows her own abstract handwritten compositions. Moreover, dancers offer a peek inside their bags, revealing their private possessions. Due to the airy layout, both pictures and texts are given the same amount of space to unfold their full potential.

  • Client:
    Ballett am Rhein, Düsseldorf/Duisburg
  • Design:
    Markwald Neusitzer Identity, Frankfurt/Main
  • Ballet Director/Chief Choreographer:
    Martin Schläpfer
  • Art Direction:
    Nina Neusitzer, Nicolas Markwald, Elena Reiniger
  • Editorial Work:
    Anne do Paço
  • Photography:
    Gert Weigelt, Martin Schläpfer, Thomas Ziegler