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Baby Living | Red Dot Design Award

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The packaging for these baby bottle teats is drip-shaped, thus conjuring up the image of healthy milk in abundance. It is made of environmentally-friendly, transparent PLA, allowing the purchaser to identify the shape and number of the teats at a glance. The hangers feature pastel shades of colour. There are three different colours to indicate the various sizes. Product information is provided in summarised form on the reverse side of the package, which can easily and conveniently be opened.

Red Dot Design Award

[Red Dot: Junior Award]
  • University:
    Overseas Chinese University, Taichung City
  • Supervising Professor:
    Dr. Kun-Chieh Wang, Ching-Hua Hsieh
  • Design:
    Ching-Hua Hsieh, Stephen Chen, Si-Hui Wang, Yi-Syuan Wu, Yu-Shan Liu, Wei-Lun Ruan, Department of _Computer-Aided Industrial Design, Overseas Chinese University
Baby Living | Red Dot Design Award