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Back Seat Holiday

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Is there a nicer way to start the family holiday than an endless, exhausting drive on the motorway in a fully packed family van? The little darlings tired and whining on the back seats, and the parents sitting in the front, annoyed and staring straight ahead. The answer to this ironic question – that holiday travels can easily be comfortable and relaxing with the German Rail Family Special ticket – is communicated by this commercial in a highly original manner: a boy in the back seat of a car is drawing a picture of his family. Suddenly he looks up, turning to his sister: “Tell me, do you remember what they look like from the front?” He has forgotten, seeing them only from behind. The next shot shows the two kids again, sitting next to each other, eating ice cream and joking around – in a four-seat compartment of an ICE, sitting relaxed opposite their parents, looking at their faces. The commercial thus aims to convey that travelling by rail is not only more comfortable, it enables the family to spend the journey time together and is therefore more fun. Statement by the jury »The fantastic cast and staging of this TV commercial manage to tell a slightly exaggerated yet amusing story in a few scenes. The story line is dramatically condensed to culminate in an antithetical final shot, which both resolves the story and optimally conveys the advertising message.«

  • Client:
    DB Mobility Logistics AG, Berlin
  • Design:
    Ogilvy Deutschland
  • creative direction:
    Bent Kroggel
  • art direction:
    Martina Huschka
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