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Baldessarini – Nautic Spirit

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The packaging for Nautic Spirit eau de toilette impresses with its classic, straightforward design. High-quality materials from the ship-building industry, such as metal, wood and glass, lend the flacon its distinctive style. The cap of the bottle as an analogy to the winch and the use of real wood at the top of the flacon are reminiscent of a ship’s deck. Accordingly, the glass flacon with its azure-blue eau de toilette visualises the ocean. The positioning and spatial separation of the Baldessarini logo and the product emblem, the wind rose, create a dramatic depth effect: thanks to the transparency of the flacon, the two elements unite into a unified logo.

  • Client:
    MÄURER & WIRTZ GmbH & Co. KG, Stolberg
  • Design:
    peter schmidt, belliero & zandée, Hamburg