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Bang & Olufsen BeoSound Klangkosmos

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The BeoSound Klangkosmos (BeoSound Sound Cosmos) web special offers the brilliant sound of high-end sound systems to the driver of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class. The musical experience connected to the sound system and the perfection of the sound are visualised via a generative design in real time so that sounds can be felt and emotions can be seen. To experience fascinating sound sculptures in the interior of the S-Class, the user can regulate the intensity of the performance by adjusting volume, treble and bass as well as the selection of the soundtrack.

  • Client:
    Mercedes-AMG GmbH, Affalterbach
  • Design:
    Scholz & Volkmer GmbH, Wiesbaden
  • creative direction:
    Philipp Bareiss
  • art direction:
    Mohshiour Hossain, Vatsala Murthy
  • project management:
    Donika Lilova
  • technical direction:
    Mario Dold
  • junior flash programming:
    Julia Niemeyer
  • project lead/text/concept:
    Jin Jeon