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#beckmann | Red Dot Design Award

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The concise element of the hashtag symbol is used consequently in all measures of this moving image design, without giving it too much of a playful touch. The specific red colour has a clear signal effect, underlining the topicality of each TV show. A stringent design language for all explanatory 3D animations was developed, as well as specials for social media. Consequently, the design remains unobtrusively in the background, serves as a smooth basis for the transportation of information, but nevertheless gets to the heart of the matter and arouses interest.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Animation:
    Konrad Stäblein
  • Design:
    Quadrolux – Agentur für Bewegtbild, Mainz
  • Production:
    Matthias Kirchmayer
  • Client:
    beckground tv + Filmproduktion GmbH, Hamburg
  • Technical Direction:
    Marcus Stiehl-Bruch
  • Art Direction:
    Melanie Schmidt
#beckmann | Red Dot Design Award
#beckmann | Red Dot Design Award
#beckmann | Red Dot Design Award