Red Dot Design Award
Interface Design for Inpatient Medical Services

Bedside Station

Bedside Station | Red Dot Design Award

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Bedside Station is a personalised medical service platform installed at the bedside for hospital inpatients. Its streamlined timeline interface provides access from a single platform to each patient’s personal schedule as well as timely and relevant information on the various hospital services and treatments. Thereby, patient wait and travel times can be reduced and, at the same time, their hospital experience can be improved. The simple and intuitive interface makes it user-friendly for all ages, from children to the elderly, and the cheerful, relaxing design adds a level of warmth and comfort to the otherwise clinical hospital environment. The icons for TV, Internet or new linen, for example, are self-explanatory and immediately understandable. Thus, the Bedside Station application aims to enhance the experience and satisfaction of inpatients and their caregivers, improving the overall quality of medical treatment and services. Statement by the jury »Alongside offering comprehensive information, this patient information system for hospitals also facilitates an easy way of mutual communication between patients and care staff at all times. The design of the device is intuitive in use, marked by plain clear user guidance, and imparts an overall highly friendly and appealing look.«

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Center for Medical Informatics, Seoul National University Bundang Hospital
  • Design:
    pxd, Inc., Seoul
  • concept:
    Park Kihyuck, Hawer Euree, Hwang Hyunho, Jin Hyunjung
  • graphic design:
    Noh Gyeongwan, Kang Boa, Lee Seungwoo, Lee Bom, Kim Youri
  • project management:
    Jeongwan Seo, Health Connect
  • programming:
  • product design:
    Martha Doh, MOD
Bedside Station | Red Dot Design Award