Annual Report

Being Part of a Group

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The Annual Report 2012/13 of the Danish Crown Group was designed as an integrated publication in five volumes. Each bound volume focuses on a particular aspect of the globally operating food company and describes topics such as the market, change, the workplace, and the value chain, while likewise offering an international comparison of the concept of a meal. At the end of the report, the company figures are presented concisely in a small-format booklet. A magnetic binder, with the title “Being Part of a Group”, holds the volumes together in an artistic way.

  • Client:
    Danish Crown, Randers
  • Design:
    CZOO, Aarhus
  • Concept:
    Anne Villemoes
  • Creative Direction:
    Sune Engelund
  • Art Direction:
    Rie Dyrebjerg Davidsen, Lorena D.O. Cruzado
  • Graphic Design:
    Birgitta Grouleff
  • Photography:
    Morten Fauerby, Montgomery, Aarhus