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Bergen International Festival

Bergen International Festival | Red Dot Design Award

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The aim of the new brand identity of the Bergen International Festival, whose programme ranges from the classical to the avantgarde, was to create a playful, versatile platform that would speak to different audiences in a unified voice, yet allow for individuality in content and appearance. In order to bridge musical and visual language, the redesign started with their common ground: the construction from a single element – a note and a pixel. This element was used to build the iconic “F” logo, like a chord constructed of various notes, and to establish a mathematical system allowing the logo to grow, subdivide and rhythmically repeat like musical units creating a beat. By visualising music through these modular systems, an identity was created that was strong, flexible and would not loose brand recognition. In addition to traditional festival materials, new ways were used to create brand awareness, expressing the festival’s identity, culture and heritage in items such as a rain poncho, a traditional Norwegian sweater inspired by traditional knitting patterns, and a digital musical sequencer campaign.

Statement by the Jury

This brand identity stands out in particular because it catches the eye and is playful. Basically, the “F” logo was transformed into a visual behaviour that could on the one hand whisper and be very calm – for example, in the stationery set – and on the other hand it could diversify into a lively programme as in the more promotional works. Within that identity range, it creates a nice blend that works excellently. Much more than a logo, this entire visual programme was executed outstandingly in all respects.

  • Client:
    Bergen International Festival (Festspillene i Bergen)
  • Design:
    Anti Bergen
  • Creative Direction:
    Endre Berentzen
  • Account Management:
    Robert Dalen
  • Art Direction:
    Eric Amaral Rohter, Robert Dalen
  • Design Team:
    Endre Berentzen, Eric Amaral Rohter, Robert Dalen, Sindre Holm, Fredrik Eive Refsli
  • 3D Illustration:
    Elijah Alexander Chote
  • Photography:
    Fred Jonny Hammerø
Bergen International Festival | Red Dot Design Award
Bergen International Festival | Red Dot Design Award