Red Dot Design Award


Berserk | Red Dot Design Award

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The “Berserk” catalogue is the latest step in the evolution of a family-run fur-manufacturing business founded in Kastoria, Greece in 1969. It was titled “Berserk” as a reflection of an “untamed” and wild design language, where primitive forms of nature merge elegantly with supremely crafted fashion elements. In addition, the contemporary appearance of this catalogue aims to celebrate the timeless pieces that encompass luxury, radiance and a pure manifestation of femininity.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Hermia Furs, Chalkidiki
  • Design:
    Beetroot Design Group, Thessaloniki
  • Creative Direction:
    Alexis Nikou
  • Art Direction/Graphic Design:
    Ilias Pantikakis
  • Photography:
    Kostas Pappas
Berserk | Red Dot Design Award