Brand Identity


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The most important thematic aspect for BespinGlobal´s branding development is the concept of a “dynamically generated cloud symbol” that responds uniquely to variable conditions and environments. Rather than a single symbol for a cloud, this dynamic element of the brand identity serves as both a visual and a symbolic anchor for a flexible, ever-changing service environment. Furthermore, the invisible process of a bit of data being transferred to the cloud is expressed visually by using a single dot and a bold, solid arrow. This creates a sense of credibility and stability by emphasising the brand´s core competence in expert cloud management platforms and services.

  • Client:
    BespinGlobal, Seoul
  • Code Design:
    David Lee
  • Team Lead:
    Daniel Kim
  • Design:
    Daylight Design, San Francisco
  • Photography:
    Young-Soo Kim
  • Design Direction:
    June-Hyeong Lee