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Best Bairro Brands

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Interbrand is a global branding consultancy, whose office in São Paulo publishes an annual study on branding in the Brazilian market. The results of the 2014 study were published with an inventive approach: the size of the compact booklet is reminiscent of a smartphone and comes with a corresponding box. With the title “Best Bairro Brands” (the Portuguese word “bairro” means neighbourhood), the booklet prompts a discussion about the global influence of brands. The graphic realisation is inspired by vintage ads from the Yellow Pages.

  • Client:
    Interbrand, São Paulo
  • Design:
    Interbrand, São Paulo
  • Strategic Planning:
    Beto Almeida, Daniella Giavina-Bianchi, André Matias, Laura Garcia
  • Art Direction:
    Sergio Cury
  • Text:
    Felipe Valério