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BETTER RE | Red Dot Design Award

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BETTER RE is a power pack that charges digital devices with upcycled smartphone batteries. The brand name plays with the pronunciation of “battery”, the aim to be “better” and the abbreviation “re” standing for “recreating a better world”. The typography of the logo also corresponds to the recycling concept: the second horizontal bar in the white letter “B” sticks out leftward, against the direction of reading, so that it appears as if it would fit into the grey indent of the letter “E” on the right. Thus, visually a circle is completed, which symbolises the sustainable approach of the brand.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Brand Design:
    Boyoung Kim, Yerim Kim, inspire/d
  • Product Design:
    Kiyong Shin, Jeongsik Kim, ENLIGHTEN
  • Business Strategy Direction:
    Jaehyun Kim, Crevisse Partners, Seoul
  • Client:
    ENLIGHTEN, Seoul
  • Chief Executive Direction:
    Kiyong Shin, ENLIGHTEN
  • Art Direction:
    Boyoung Kim, inspire/d
  • Creative Direction/Brand Naming:
    Dongmin Kim, inspire/d
  • Web UI/UX Planning:
    Jungyeon Sung, ENLIGHTEN
  • Design:
    inspire/d, Seoul
BETTER RE | Red Dot Design Award
BETTER RE | Red Dot Design Award
BETTER RE | Red Dot Design Award
BETTER RE | Red Dot Design Award