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Between Water

Between Water | Red Dot Design Award

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The Thermae was not just a bath house for ancient Romans, but also a major public sphere for socialising and thinking. People would find inspiration in the Thermae just by relaxing and interacting with other. In this art centre project inspired by Roman bath houses, various conditions of water are integrated with visions of different spaces. Theses spaces share a connection by means of water as an element, which generates a novel type of spatial atmosphere. Water creates spaciousness, and hence the potential for thoughts and ideas in this space are borderless. The temperature, patterns, visuals and sounds of water effortlessly sync with our thoughts. Important spaces of this project are the Lobby – its icy imagery symbolising original thought; the Library – the source of inspiration with an expansive scenic view; the Studio – encased in thick glass that separates the space from the symphony of flowing water; the Living Room – a voluminous space for social interactions; and the Meditation Area – a small natural cave that provides quiet refuge. Finally, the public bath itself is situated within the deepest part of this art centre. A large public complex, it assembles artists and philosophers from various fields, encouraging the exchange of ideas in the most conducive and relaxing conditions. In this space, thoughts become malleable and answers are easily reached.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Design:
    Huang Jing Heng, Ma Lang Wen, Tang Jing Wei, Taiwan