Interior Design

Biwako Nagahama Kannon House

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As a new kind of museum, the Biwako Nagahama Kannon House in Tokyo, Japan, is dedicated to the Buddhist goddess Kannon. The distinctive wooden statues were delivered from Nagahama, a rural city 300 km from Tokyo. Basic-ally, the museum has only one Kannon. However, a new statue as a replacement is sent there from Nagahama every second month. Since the Kannon goddess plays a special role in the life of Japanese people, the small museum acts as a cultural bridge between the rural and the urban city, conveying both the lifestyle and the notion of prayers. The space is composed of local hinoki (Japanese cypress) wood and exudes a quiet, silent and serene atmosphere.

  • Creative Direction:
    Masaki Kawaguchi
  • Client:
    City of Nagahama, Shiga Prefecture
  • Concept:
    Masaki Kawaguchi, Hironori Iwasaki
  • Design:
    HAKUHODO Inc., Tokyo
  • Graphic Design:
    Shuhei Kuwabara