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Bizol Motor Oil

Bizol Motor Oil | Red Dot Design Award

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The outer contours of the redesigned jerry-can for Bizol motor oil embody the brand-relevant capital letter “B”, thus visually uniting the brand and the product. The main achievement of the new packaging is that its optimised form prevents the slopping of oil while pouring. Large letters on the label are used as a defining design feature. This labelling scheme makes it easy for users to differentiate between the various kinds of oil. Each type is designated with a capital letter and an identification colour. The high standard of being a quality German product is highlighted by minimalist lettering that is easily legible.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Bizol, Berlin
  • Design:
    FEDORIV, Kyiv
  • Chief Executive Officer:
    Andrii Fedoriv, Elena Maslova
  • Concept:
    Maksim Hladkevich
  • Graphic Design:
    Illya Pavlov
  • Production:
    Elena Maslova
  • Project Management:
    Iryna Horbachova, Olesia Motorna
  • Production Management:
    Maryia Alenchyk
Bizol Motor Oil | Red Dot Design Award
Bizol Motor Oil | Red Dot Design Award
Bizol Motor Oil | Red Dot Design Award