Exhibition Design, Spatial Installation

Blackbox – Ivory Museum

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This installation for the German Ivory Museum at Erbach Castle in the Odenwald region of Germany documents the times, thoughts and ideas of Count Franz I of Erbach Erbach (1754–1823), who first popularised the art of ivory carving. It is conceived as a media space that, by means of omission and irritation instead of purely passively mediated facts, aims at encouraging visitors to think for themselves and question what they see. Historic facts are placed in a larger thematic and temporal context, sparking lateral connections and associations with current social phenomena.

  • Art Direction/Motion Design:
    Helmut Breineder
  • Architecture:
    Sichau & Walter Architekten BDA, Fulda, Germany
  • Client:
    Verwaltung der Staatlichen Schlösser und Gärten, Bad Homburg, Germany
  • Design:
    m box bewegtbild GmbH, Berlin, Germany
  • Music/Sound Design:
    Michael Peter
  • Design Team:
    Helmut Breineder, Armin Keplinger, Wanja Glökler, Hannes Richter
  • Creative Direction:
    Martin Retschitzegger
  • Concept/Direction:
    Sabine Retschitzegger, Niko Wahl
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