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Blend – 2015 International Typography Design Awards

Blend – 2015 International Typography Design Awards | Red Dot Design Award

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The poster announces the 2015 International Typography Design Award. Its title, Blend, itself becomes the motif. Reduced to its individual letters, which appear as if written in ink, the word is rearranged and depicted with a three-dimensional effect. In this process, different techniques as well as cultures join and merge. Western script and Chinese craftsmanship are combined to form a harmonious whole. The Chinese ink art elements give the unadorned Latin letters a warm and impactful framework.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Art Direction:
    Sha Feng
  • Client:
    Associazione di Design Cinese e Italiano in Italia, Florence, Italy
  • Design:
    SoFeng Design Studio, Florence, Italy
  • Text:
    Lu Jiayi
  • Digital Concept:
    Liu Han