Food Packaging

Blessing of Matsu Temple

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This packaging is for rice which is traditionally used in the famous Taiwanese Matsu temple Kongfan. The design aspires to strike a balance between creativity and culture. For this, it combines the semantic fields of traditional art with modern elements. There are five different designs in emotionally appealing colours – for the patterns, depictions of animals are used, which can be seen in the temple and which represent various blessings. They are supplemented by symbols of traditional belief, for example lotus seeds.

[Red Dot: Junior Award]
  • Supervising Professor:
    Tsen-Yao Chang
  • Design:
    Yi-Ting Liao, Shu-Lin Chou, Ming-Yeh Tsai, National Yunlin University of Science and Technology
  • University:
    National Yunlin University of Science and Technology, Douliou City, Yunlin County