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The “BLOCBIRDS” exhibition is dedicated to the rich bird life in Europe with the thesis that we do not pay enough attention to it. Depicting these birds in an unusual manner, the exhibition challenges the visitors’ perception. In a development lasting one and a half years, 25 colourful squares, each visualising a different bird, were generated from 25 realistic bird models. Each of these squares is an abstract graphic representation of the body shape and feathers of the respective bird. Through a different amount and variation of the selected colours, as well as their positioning, each square was given a specific appeal corresponding to the special characteristics of the bird. The installation of 25 × 25 cm single pictures, arranged as an impressive overall picture, is complemented by a corresponding stuffed bird exhibit. The exhibition sees itself as a tribute to the bird world and calls for action and bird protection.

Begründung der Jury

This exhibition interprets birds in an impressively essential approach based on easily recog­nisable patterns. It is fascinating how visitors first perceive them as panels, which are then matched to the corresponding exhibits from memory. The meaningful patterns in their specific colour palette show that good design does not necessarily need to resort to novel technologies.

Red Dot: Grand Prix

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