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Blok | Red Dot Design Award

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Blok is a bar in Nuremberg, Germany, which is popular for its music programme consisting of DJs and live music. Local artists are hired to design posters for the monthly line-up, which then also define the look for its social media channels and serve as decoration for the bar itself. To stay close to that spirit, the website was designed as an interactive poster wall with a built-in SoundCloud player, allowing users to browse the artworks and listen to both DJ mixes and live concert recordings. The site even works as web radio on mobile phones.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Programming:
    Paul Straetmans
  • Creative Direction:
    Florian Pohrer
  • Design:
    Die Krieger des Lichts GmbH, Nuremberg
  • Web Design:
    Peter Meyerhofer
  • Client:
    Blok, Nuremberg
Blok | Red Dot Design Award
Blok | Red Dot Design Award