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Blueprint 2011

Blueprint 2011 | Red Dot Design Award

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Blueprint 2011 stands for an international fashion event in Singapore, presenting emerging fashion designers under the heading “Brave New World”. The key visual of the campaign shows a fashion model, dressed in avant-garde clothing, delicately emerging from a sculptural forest made of paper elements. The image thus evokes a sense of timeless beauty, yet also manages to convey a bold character of progressiveness. Itself an experimental exploration of the topic of fashion photography, the campaign merges aspects of art, design and fashion.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Blueprint Group Pte Ltd, Singapore
  • Design:
    Trine Design Associates Pte Ltd, Singapore
  • head of marketing:
    Khoh Wan Chin
  • creative direction:
    Victor Lim
  • graphic design:
  • project management:
    Ryan Hoe
  • photography:
    Joel Lim, Calibre Pictures
  • design team:
    Justin Yeo, Ling Goh & MC
Blueprint 2011 | Red Dot Design Award
Blueprint 2011 | Red Dot Design Award
Blueprint 2011 | Red Dot Design Award