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BMW Group Annual Report 2010

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This Blue Angel certified annual report by BMW Group is the third part of a trilogy focusing on the topic of sustainability as a marketing strategy. The report is divided into four chapters, each designed to individually reflect on their topics. Held in a documentary style, the images place people at the heart of the subject matter. The repeated images on the covers serve to illustrate the link between people and cars. While the main cover shows a scene from the people’s perspective, the cover of the image brochure shows it from an external perspective.

  • Client:
    Christian Finkenzeller, BMW AG, Munich
  • Design:
    häfelinger + wagner design, Munich
  • creative direction:
    Frank Wagner
  • art direction:
    Stefan Kaderka
  • graphic design:
    Christina Bee
  • project management:
    Frank Wagner
  • photography:
    Julian Baumann, Antonia Gern, Marek Vogel, Andreas Reeg
  • printing:
    Michael Wachter, Mediahaus Biering