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BMW Magazin iPad App

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The BMW Magazine iPad app combines the outstanding content and aesthetic quality of the print magazine with the digital possibilities of the iPad, with the aim of setting standards in the field of magazine apps through optimised features and technical innovations. Extending BMW Magazine into the digital realm, the application supplements the magazine’s print editions and communicates the manufacturer’s brand values via an additional important communication channel. The highly elegant layout design, featuring embedded sound files as well as image sequences that transform into video sequences at a simple touch of the finger, invites users to browse through exciting topics and excursions, thus providing a sensually enhanced user experience. Users can tilt and place photographs like on a pinboard, or switch LED light cones on and off. Statement by the jury »The BMW Magazine iPad app is an outstanding demonstration of how design can push the boundaries of what can be done with the iPad in terms of both perception and experience. Transforming several features such as audio, films and videos into an interactive experience, this user interface of smart, high-quality and contemporary design offers many approaches to ‘reading’ the magazine and thus of experiencing the BMW brand.«

  • Client:
    BMW AG, Munich project management Marco Krönfeld, HOFFMANN UND CAMPE Corporate Publishing, Hamburg
  • Design:
    Dirk Linke, ringzwei, Hamburg