Red Dot Design Award
Trade Fair Presentation

BMW – The Target

BMW – The Target | Red Dot Design Award

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Taking the notion of a “target” as a metaphor, this trade fair stand aims to convey that the BMW 3 Series represents sportiness and holds the top position in its segment. The vehicle placement and stand architecture symbolise the BMW 3 Series Sedan “crossing a finishing line” within the context of other sports personalities and categories: different vehicle lines are positioned behind and above each other along three tracks and are aligned with a centred target projected in the stage background.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    BMW AG, Munich
  • Design:
    Mutabor Design GmbH, Hamburg gate.11 GmbH, Munich
  • marketing management:
    Manfred Pernitsch, Wolfram Greiner, Alexandra Karg, Jörg Heine
  • creative direction:
    Christian Dworak, Christian Künstler, Oliver Dering, Conny Krause, Arnd Buss von Kuk
  • art direction:
    Lennard Niemann
  • customer advisory service:
    Anne Wolkodaw, Anja Neumann
  • architecture:
    Britta Henkel, Anna-Liska Wallner
  • design team:
    Wanjo Koch, Stefan Mückner, Moritz Lenhart
BMW – The Target | Red Dot Design Award