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Bodeboca is a private wine retail club offering selected wines deriving from independent wineries. Personal relationships to the wine producers are a key element of the brand identity. Therefore, the website features not only relevant facts but also informative picture galleries, alongside indicating the exact location of the individual wineries on Google Maps. Large-format images that draw users into the world of wine alternate with product overviews to create a layout that is fresh and visually inviting. Special offers are featured prominently.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Graphic Design:
    Miguel Zorraquino, Joana Larrea, Leyre Cerezal, Miren Gaubeka
  • Strategic Planning:
    Miguel Zorraquino
  • Design:
    Zorraquino, Bilbao
  • Client:
    Bodeboca, Madrid | Red Dot Design Award | Red Dot Design Award