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Body Map – Erforschen Sie den menschlichen Körper Body Map – Explore the Human Body

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The Body Map is included as a poster supplement in the printed “Gesundheit” (Health Care) edition of Credit Suisse’s biannual investor magazine “Global Investor”. The virtually life-size poster offers insight into the possibilities and future of modern medicine. Examples of established medical applications and methods that are still under development are depicted across an image of the entire human body. The Body Map can be downloaded as a PDF file from the “Global Investor” knowledge platform. Moreover, the iPad edition of the magazine offers an interactive version.

  • Client:
    Credit Suisse AG, Zurich
  • Design:
    Arnold.KircherBurkhardt, Stäfa
  • publisher:
    Giles Keating
  • project management:
    Katharina Schlatter, Credit Suisse Rahel Frick, Arnold.KircherBurkhardt
  • editor-in-chief:
    Giselle Weiss
  • illustration:
    KircherBurkhardt, Berlin
  • artwork:
    Luzian Meier