BOOKtiga Festival of Second-Hand Books 2013

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The inspiration for this poster derives from this year’s topic of the Booktiga Festival of Used Books: “The book reveals what the reality hides.” The poster graphics imitate the “bent ear” of a book, behind which the ad itself becomes visible. By placing the poster in the top right corner of a much larger advertising surface, the remaining space of the billboard looks like part of a huge book page with a bent ear. In addition, the bent ear is also a direct reference to the second-hand nature of books, thus playing on the character and purpose of the festival itself.

  • Client:
    Poreč City Library, Poreč
  • Design:
    Sonda, Vižinada
  • creative direction/art direction:
    Jelena Šimunović, Sean Poropat, Anselmo Tumpić