Bottom Up Typography

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The Bottom Up typographic design was commissioned by Aprimano Consulting, a strategy consultancy for managers, the philosophy of which is to “be dif-ferent and make the thinkable possible”. True to this maxim, the typography reverses the usual reading direction from top to bottom. The design can be used in diverse media and applications. Going consistently against the grain, the typography compels the reader to rethink while reading and provides a vivid illustration of creative thinking.

  • Creative Direction:
    Jürgen Adolph
  • Managing Director:
    Michael Rewald
  • Managing Director Creation:
    Rüdiger Goetz
  • Art Direction:
    Sabine Schönhaar, Anna Kemper
  • Design:
    Grey Germany/KW43 Branddesign, Düsseldorf
  • Copywriting:
    Isabelle Müller
  • Client:
    Aprimano Consulting GmbH, Bonn
  • Account Director:
    Alina Tölke