Red Dot Design Award

Bouchee Capsule Food Printer

Bouchee Capsule Food Printer | Red Dot Design Award

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BOUCHEE CAPSULE FOOD PRINTER converts future-forward food, such as high-protein mealworms and high-chlorophyll seaweed, into palatable healthy food. Various alternative food ingredients are ground into a paste to fill the food capsules. The capsules are easy to store and identify. They are also made with environmentally friendly PLA plastic, which retains ingredients freshness by means of nitrogen filling. Users can print a variety of interesting styling snacks using with a few simple steps. Make an appointment, view the source of ingredients, and start designing your favourite food forms. To make food, put the capsule into the capsule slot. After the food shape is confirmed, the capsule is squeezed downwards and the patented 'ring printing mechanism' will print out the food according to the selected shape. Convection baking at the bottom, where the food will be cooked, starts at the same time to minimise the production processes. A circular screen shows the percentage of completion. At the same time, the user can view the source of food materials and the certification information of the farmers. A simple one-touch operation, combined with a mobile APP, easily draws up a 3D model for the shape of food. Both adults and children can enjoy the process of printing and baking food. A 7-slot storage behind the platform further enhances portability. In the future, BOUCHEE CAPSULE FOOD PRINTER plans to focus on developing long-term sales subscription of the capsules.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Institution:
    FOODTYPE CO., LTD., Taiwan, R.O.C
  • Faculty Advisor:
    Prof. Hsieh Yu Chen
  • Design:
    Chen Bing Chen, Wang Min Chen
Bouchee Capsule Food Printer | Red Dot Design Award