Red Dot Design Award

Braided Ring For Pregnant Woman

Braided Ring For Pregnant Woman | Red Dot Design Award

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The advancement of technological products facilitates but also threatens our well-being because of increased exposure to radiation from electronic devices, microwave ovens and other technological products. In this climate, expectant mothers and their foetuses should be protected from such widespread electronic radiation. Designed to be worn around the wrist or the neck, Braided Ring measures radiation level via a high-precision, built-in electromagnetic composite sensor and warns of potential radiation by vibration. When the radiation strength is higher than 2mA/Gs, the ring vibrates to remind the user to vacate to a safer area with less radiation. Aesthetically, the product is made from a traditional Chinese weaving craft, in a knot that symbolises blessings. It is also designed to look more like a fashion accessory than a tech gadget. With wireless charging capabilities, the built-in battery has a lifespan of half a year after each charge.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Studio:
    Shenzhen IU+Design Co. Ltd., China
  • Design Lead:
    Shen Jiye, Xu Beixian
  • Design:
    Huai Yajuan, Jia Shenghui, Li Junyao, Wu Xiaoting
  • Design Partner:
    Shenzhen Chenyi Design Co. Ltd., China
Braided Ring For Pregnant Woman | Red Dot Design Award