Red Dot Design Award
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BraufactuM Arrique

BraufactuM Arrique | Red Dot Design Award

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The task of integrating a new beer into the BraufactuM range – while at the same time emphasising its uniqueness – presented the packaging designers with a challenge. The solution was to label the bottle with the brand’s typical design and to add a wooden tag signalling that the beer is aged in barrique casks. Arrique therefore stands out from other beers, but its design nevertheless shows it is part of the BraufactuM world. Thus curious, cultivated connoisseurs who appreciate high-quality products will quickly take notice of this special beer.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Die Internationale Brau-Manufacturen GmbH, Frankfurt/Main
  • Design:
    Flaechenbrand, Wiesbaden
  • creative direction:
    Kai Geweniger, Friedrich Wilhelm Detering
  • art direction:
    Peter Kohl, Marvin Zimmer, Johannes Schiebe, Holger Blockhaus
  • concept:
    Kai Geweniger, Julia Detering, Friedrich Wilhelm Detering
  • strategic planning:
    Kai Geweniger, Friedrich Wilhelm Detering
  • project management:
    Friedrich Wilhelm Detering
  • text:
    Ron Böttcher, Eva Bender, Julia Detering