Corporate Identity

Breathe the Now

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A new striking corporate identity has been created for Modström, the leading Danish fashion company. Their slogan “Breathe the Now” gets across the highly topical passion for fashion and offers a joint showcase for various collections. The wolf was chosen as a powerful metaphor for a company that behaves in an instinctive way. The visual link between wolf’s ears and the capital letter “M” creates a dynamic word and figurative mark. A matching colour scheme in grey, combined with the season’s colours and abstract textures, creates a contrast to the doubleexposed product pictures.

  • Client:
    Modström, Copenhagen
  • Design:
    Make®, Copenhagen
  • Strategic Director:
    Morten Brudholm
  • Creative Direction:
    Kristoffer Gudbrand
  • Graphic Design:
    Mike Collinge, Magnus Dinesen
  • Project Management:
    Christine Ohrt