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Breezer Limited Edition – The Colour of the Night

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The Bacardi Breezer Limited Summer Edition is a fruit-infused, rum-based spirit targeted at edgy and fashionforward women. The bottle label displays a fruit that, designed in a psychedelic yet modern pattern, splashes into the refreshing beverage. Each flavour is associated with a “Colour of the Night” that best matches the fruit. Moreover, the outer shrink-wrap packaging features an ultraviolet sensitive ink that glows in the dark, communicating the brand concept of an “endless summer night”.

  • Client:
    Bacardi Limited, Shanghai
  • Design:
    Interbrand, Shanghai
  • Creative Direction:
    Interbrand Creative Team
  • Graphic Design:
    Interbrand Creative Team
  • Image Editing / Artwork:
    Interbrand Creative Team