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As an interactive multimedia and cross-media communication programme, Br(ik wants to motivate students to study in Brussels. Within a campaign and on the website, 12 Flemish students talk about their lives in an enthusiastic manner. Under the guidance of a conversation manager, they share their experiences as stu­­dents in Brussels online and address other young people. These entries are collected on the website and are complemented with other news about the city. The website also defines itself as a service provider and offers the students a multitude of information about the traffic system in Brussels. Via the iKot application (“kot” is Flemish for student accommodation), students receive help with their search for an apartment.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Br(ik, Brussels
  • Design:
    Total Active Media, Amsterdam; Total Identity, Amsterdam
  • creative direction:
    Martijn Arts (Total Active Media)
  • art direction:
    Felix Janssens, Guido van Breda (Total Identity)
  • graphic design:
    David van ’t Westende (Total Active Media)
  • strategic planning:
    Dennis Glijn (Total Identity)
  • project management:
    Erik Visser (Total Active Media)
  • conversation management:
    Renson van Tilborg (Total Active Media) | Red Dot Design Award | Red Dot Design Award