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The new website of the stroller manufacturer Bugaboo consolidates the brand image of the company. Colourful lifestyle photos speak to the viewer and are complemented with product range information. The colour scheme of each page corresponds to the featured stroller while drop-down menus allow for responsive, user-friendly navigation. Moreover, an interactive 3D configurator allows to view the products from all angles, thereby offering a digital shopping experience that comes close to real shopping.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Bugaboo International, Amsterdam
  • Design:
    Momkai, Amsterdam
  • Creative Direction:
    Harald Dunnink
  • Interface Design:
    Martijn van Dam, Ton Somers
  • Interaction Design:
    Thomas Dow, Harmen van Balen
  • Programming:
    Pascal Strijbos, Marc Bruisten, Mark Hinch
  • Project Management:
    Ruben Brug
  • 3D:
  • Branding:
    ..., staat | Red Dot Design Award