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Berlin-based BUNTESAMT, a one-man graphic design office, consists of no more than a desk 1sqm in size and some utensils. It appeals to small- and medium-size companies and brushes aside its small size with high spirits and a measure of self-mockery through distinctive office stationery. The typographic simplicity of the typewriter font and government-agency-like codes is eased by humorous prose and partially handwritten communication elements. The “clerk in charge”, Herr Schmidt, holds all of the agency’s relevant positions and is responsible for all clients from A to Z.

  • Client:
    BUNTESAMT, Berlin
  • Design:
    BUNTESAMT, Berlin
  • concept:
    Jan-Hendrik Schmidt
  • graphic design:
    Jan-Hendrik Schmidt
  • text:
    Jan-Hendrik Schmidt
  • printing:
    Anja Moritz, Moritzdruck, Berlin