Design Experiment

By the Way – Typography and Material Behaviour

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This work presents itself as a free design experiment that combines typography and various physical processes and finds expression using various media and a modular system consisting of two components: a self-designed font, produced by making 3D-printed moulds in a specially created lab and then applying a variety of different chemical and physical processes such as filling them with fuming or burning liquids. The book documents, with references to the associated website, the search for constants within the experiment, the design of the font including the development of the 3D printing models, as well as the studies of different physical phenomena. The project deliberately uses characteristics of digital applications and translates them into analogue media. Thus, the play with the acronyms and pangrams, all of which are commonly used in Internet jargon, on the models counteracts the analogue simulation of the experimental kit and, with it, the effect of slow motion, which can otherwise only be realised digitally.

Statement by the Jury

The work “By the Way – Typography and Material Behaviour” stands out with its enormous experimental character. Thanks to numerous physical experiments, it not only lends the typography a new visual level, but also plays with the digital and analogue dimensions – an autonomous approach with an impressive outlook in terms of both concept and aesthetic.

[Red Dot: Junior Award]
  • University:
    University of Applied Sciences /Düsseldorf
  • Supervising Professor:
    Philipp Teufel, Gabi Schillig
  • Design:
    Thomas Wirtz, Düsseldorf