Red Dot Design Award

C2 Electric Vehicle AC Charger

C2 Electric Vehicle AC Charger | Red Dot Design Award

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C2 Electric Vehicle AC Charger is an innovative smart device providing shared charging service to EV users. ARM architecture and HTML5 as core technologies are applied to C2 and the cloud platform that enables a number of key intelligent management functions to be realised. This includes service availability management, service message sharing, power and capacity management, online inquiry platforms and payment tools. C2 is a small cube with big power. In comparison to traditional EV chargers, users no longer need to use RFID and a physical panel to deal with a long and complicated charging process on C2. The user only needs a smartphone and a mobile application to enjoy the entire charging experience. Users can also use a mobile application to locate the nearest charging stations and their availability statuses for convenience. From external body design to the internal technology, C2 Electric Vehicle AC Charger aims to bring the most user-friendly service to EV users, the highest utility and lowest operating cost to operators, and more importantly, more green technology to the world.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Company:
    Beijing X-CHARGER Tech Co., Ltd., China
  • Team Lead:
    Liu Yujie
  • Design:
    Ding Rui
C2 Electric Vehicle AC Charger | Red Dot Design Award