Corporate Identity

Café Sjiek

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The corporate identity of Café Sjiek reflects culinary pleasure in a highly likeable manner. The well-known restaurant in Maastricht presents itself as a smaller version of the French Grand Café and offers a huge outdoor patio in the historic city park in summer. On advertising media and menus a discreet typography is complemented by sketch-like drawings, which show a couple in the restaurant. Humorous scenes, such as the balancing of glasses or the couple using plates as mirrors, surprise the beholder and visualise the restaurant’s special flair.

  • Client:
    Café Sjiek, Maastricht
  • Design:
    Zuiderlicht, Maastricht
  • concept:
    Bert van der Veur
  • graphic design:
    Paul Faassen
  • text:
    Dennis Hambeukers