Red Dot Design Award
Corporate Identity

Café Sjiek

Café Sjiek | Red Dot Design Award

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The corporate identity of Café Sjiek reflects culinary pleasure in a highly likeable manner. The well-known restaurant in Maastricht presents itself as a smaller version of the French Grand Café and offers a huge outdoor patio in the historic city park in summer. On advertising media and menus a discreet typography is complemented by sketch-like drawings, which show a couple in the restaurant. Humorous scenes, such as the balancing of glasses or the couple using plates as mirrors, surprise the beholder and visualise the restaurant’s special flair.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Café Sjiek, Maastricht
  • Design:
    Zuiderlicht, Maastricht
  • concept:
    Bert van der Veur
  • graphic design:
    Paul Faassen
  • text:
    Dennis Hambeukers