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Caravan | Red Dot Design Award

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Caravan is a leading company in the market of business telecommunications that specialises in proposing individual solutions to its clients, precisely meeting current demands. The base of the new corporate identity is the company’s graphics, which feature simple yet striking forms and a friendly colour scheme of yellow, green and blue. They are integrated into the plots of communications in the same way as the communications integrate with business clients, harmoniously supplementing and strengthening each other with new possibilities. This notion also served as the design principles in developing the company’s infographics and thus literally reflects the gist of the telecommunication business, namely to unite and make relations. Furthermore, this clear appearance also illustrates the idea of the company’s brand slogan “Smart telecommunications for smart business”, allowing users to understand the message intuitively. Statement by the jury »This corporate identity is a great expression of how a visual language may show the connectivity with the various types of telecom services such as the use of a mobile phone, a personal computer and other forms of cloud computing. It illustrates many different aspects, including the use of the colour and the dart, which are also representative of the different types of communication platforms that the company provides for its customers.«

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Caravan Telecom, Moscow
  • Design:
    Plenum Brand Consultancy, Moscow
  • brand consultant:
    Tatiana Kharitonova
  • brand strategy:
    Katerina Palshina
  • copywriter:
    Roman Urban
  • art director:
    Egor Myznik
  • designers:
    Alyona Sedyakina, Mikhail Lazuhin
  • project manager:
    Pavel Nesterenko
Caravan | Red Dot Design Award
Caravan | Red Dot Design Award
Caravan | Red Dot Design Award