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Cardboard Playground | Red Dot Design Award

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This fruit basket for 3 kg of apples can be used as a toy after the apples have been consumed. There are two different designs in total: the fire department for boys and the princess castle for girls. This improved solution gives a second life to the packaging: it is not thrown away after use but serves as a perfect toy for children. The design inspires children’s imagination and encourages them to play with the packaging. In addition, the packaging can be customised by writing down the name of the child, thus giving children an authentic experience. This playful packaging inspires children to ask their parents to purchase healthy apples instead of sweets.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Graphic Design:
    Birgit Hennig, ICON, Stade
  • Design:
    Smurfit Kappa Germany<br>Norman Quade<br>Daniel Mansfeld
  • Client:
    Elbe Obst
Cardboard Playground | Red Dot Design Award