CARE affair #6

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Each edition of “CARE affair” magazine focuses on one topic from the area of international development and humanitarian aid. The core theme of the sixth issue is “women”. The magazine’s aim is to create lasting awareness, above all among a younger target group, for the work undertaken by humanitarian aid organisation CARE. To achieve this, the magazine comes in a high-quality design. Every edition features a range of material changes and print finishings to underline the stories’ multifaceted character in a haptic way.

  • Client:
    CARE Deutschland-Luxemburg e.V., Bonn
  • Design:
    studio jens mennicke, Cologne
  • art direction/graphic design:
    Jens Mennicke
  • text:
    Sandra Bulling et al.
  • photography:
    Daniela Glunz, Jo Kirchherr
  • illustration:
    Julian Rentzsch, Jens Mennicke
  • printing:
    Druckerei Seltmann