Carlsbergfondet Carlsberg Foundation

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The Carlsberg brand has been associated with the symbol of the elephant ever since the development of the original label in 1904. The new visual identity of the Carlsberg Foundation reawakens the original source of inspiration employed by designer Thorvald Bindesbøll back then: the hop plant. Illustrating the basic characteristics of this plant, the new label and custom typeface thus place emphasis on the main ingredient in beer brewing. The new design therefore ties in with the original label and conveys the sustained relevance of Carlsberg’s historical role in beer brewing.

  • Client:
    Carlsberg Foundation, Copenhagen
  • Design:
    Kontrapunkt, Copenhagen
  • creative direction:
    Bo Linnemann
  • project management:
    Nicoline Klareskov
  • strategic planning:
    Svante Lindeburg
  • design team:
    Mads Quistgaard, Rasmus Michaëlis