Red Dot Design Award
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CCTV “Ink”

CCTV “Ink” | Red Dot Design Award

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The objective of this TV promotion was to link the development of China from an ancient civilisation to modernity with the following statement, which is displayed in portions during the film: “From invisible to visible, from limited to limitless, believe in the power of brands!” The film is realised using ink wash painting, which symbolises not only the long tradition of this Chinese art, but also represents a bridge between the ancient history of this country and its modern society. It literally makes the boundaries of time and space become blurred. The film begins with a single drop that falls into water, begins changing shape and, at the bottom, moves above a landscape, the old China. In flowing movements, it transforms into a polliwog, a crane, a dragon and a kung fu fighter, and finally into a modern city focusing on the company’s spectacular headquarters. Turning into the company’s logo, the transformation finally comes to a halt. Statement by the jury »This TV promotion features highly impressive imagery and technical workmanship. The ink and wash effect perfectly matches the presentation of the history of China and communicates the message of the media company in an authentic and highly aesthetic manner.«

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    China Central Television, Beijing; MMIA, Beijing
  • Design:
    weareflink GmbH, Hamburg
  • film direction:
    Niko Tziopanos
  • animation:
    Alex Heyer, Philipp von Preuschen, Martin Hess
  • executive producer:
    Andreas Lampe
CCTV “Ink” | Red Dot Design Award
CCTV “Ink” | Red Dot Design Award
CCTV “Ink” | Red Dot Design Award
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