Red Dot Design Award
Corporate Identity

Cenpura organic dog food

Cenpura organic dog food | Red Dot Design Award

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Cenpura is a 100 per cent quality organic dog food. To emphasise its close relation to nature and life, in its corporate identity a tree is used as a key design element. All other key features of the brand are represented in illustrations; the persons and dogs depicted form a harmonious symbiosis with the natural world. The illustrations are hand-drawn in ink – also to highlight the craftsmanship of the animal food production. The colour choice reflects the fundamental elements of the earth: water, air, plants and soil.

Red Dot Design Award

  • Client:
    Terra Canis GmbH, Munich
  • Design:
    anjamo, Munich
  • art direction/ illustration:
    Anja Moritz
  • printing:
    Druckring GmbH, Munich
  • flash programming:
    Malo24, Munich
Cenpura organic dog food | Red Dot Design Award