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Chamaeleon Cup ­ Noodle Cover

Chamaeleon Cup ­ Noodle Cover | Red Dot Design Award

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It takes four minutes to make these instant noodles into a warm meal. In order to assure the consumer is not bored while waiting, the cup is equipped with a special cover. As soon as hot water is poured into the cup and heat develops, the cover changes its appearance. First, its picture shows the unchanged ingredients. In the following minutes, the picture creates the impression as if one is watching the cooking process until, finally, the picture shows the ready noodle meal.

Red Dot Design Award

[Red Dot: Junior Award]
  • University:
    Dongseo University, Busan
  • Client:
    Nongshim, Seoul
  • Design:
    Seong Im Kim, Min Hee Kim, Jin Wook Oh, Eun Bee Lee, Ryeon Joo Chu, Dongseo University